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    Simple Garden™ Plant Root Growing Box

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    Say Goodbye to Seeding Your Plants!


    The Simple Garden™ Plant Growing Box is by far the fastest way to grow your new plants. By using a method called air stratification, most plant species will see propagation results within 4-8 weeks! 



    Adjustable Diameter Ensures Your Plant Fits Perfectly!


    While we offer 3 different sizes (Small, Medium, Large), we want to make sure branches of all sizes fit perfectly into our root growing box. That's why each box is adjustable! Simply adjust the diameter of the water inlet and the branch hole to fit each plants needs.


    Gardening Has Never Been So Simple!


    Our 3-Step Process makes cloning your plants effortless. First, peel off the bark to a width of about 2-2.5cm. Next, fill the box with garden soil or moist moss. Finally, wrap the box around the stripped bark, then sit back and watch it grow!




    Q. Can the growing box be reused?

    A. The Simple Garden™ Plant Root Growing Box is durable and can be reused as many times as you like!

    Q. What makes this product different from traditional methods?

    A. Due to the process of air stratification, roots grow directly onto branches, which produces a more mature plant at a faster rate. Most species will see results in 4-8 weeks.

    Q. When should I remove the plant from the box?

    A. You will see roots appear from a peeled area of the box. From there you can remove the plant and place in the ground!

    Q. Will the rooting box damage the original plant?

    A. Absolutely not! The rooting box only uses a small branch off of the mother plant. It grows with the mother plant and can break away easily without affecting the mother plant.

    Q. How much does shipping cost?

    A. Shipping is FREE!

    Q. Can I return my item?

    A. We offer returns on all defective products and will pay return shipping. All other returns are handles on a case by case basis. Simply contact us and describe the issue and we will take it from there!